Milk B4 Good Night Sleep (Day27)


In order to have a longer (3hrs) sleep for daddy, mummy bottle-fed baby Ben before we go to bed. This is because we can ensure baby Ben has the volume he needed to make him full 🙂 BF has all the good things, except you can’t know how much you have fed your baby.

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  1. 3 hours of interval is considered very good! Hopefully, by 3-month-old, he will sleep thru the night! Sammy boy woke up for milk at least 3 times everynight until about 2-year-old. Poor mummy.:-(

  2. After 2-year-old, samuel woke up for feeding at least once a night. By 3-year-old, slept thru the night. Wwow, mummy felt so good! 🙂 Ben, pls don’t do that, ok?

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