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  1. Ben supposed to have same birth date with aunt Ting but he’s so eager to see the world and wanted to celebrate his birthday before me. Anyway, Virgo people always very discipline and organised but sometimes too extreme and also a perfectionist.
    Ben’s photos remind me of daddy’s look – round face, small eyes, big nose & big mouth. Em, which part is look like mummy leh? – long body and long fingers I guess.

  2. Samuel, the photos were taken after milk time 🙂 Anyway, he always open-close, open-close his mouth, even when he was in mummy’s stomach :-p

    Ko-o ko-o, I’m not yellow at all, but they put me naked under the “sun bed” :-p

    Auntie Ting, that means I can first, open my own birthday presents and then open yours 1 week later :-p

  3. Do you know why all babies open-close their mouth? It’s because they are born with the needs for sucking, not only for milk milk, but, to be comforted.

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