Dimple boy (Day21)


Baby Ben has dimples, but the one on the left cheek is more noticeable then the right cheek one, just like mummy 🙂
Hope the dimples will be long lasting, daddy used to have dimples during young time too but they got lost now :-p

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  1. Haha, he is :-)I will try to shoot his angry time when milk flow is low, he will shout with nipple in his month, also very funny and cute 😀

  2. My mom says I also had deep dimples when I was a baby. But, don’t know why it’s less visible now. Anyway, I still look handsome! 🙂

  3. Daddy, I can’t recall giving you any of Samuel’s old clothes.
    I thought I’d given away long before you decided to get married!

  4. We’re supposed to pass those babies’ stuff to you. But, you let us waited too long…:-), finally, decided to give away…
    But, time flies….should have kept some for Ben. Aiya….

  5. I think grandma likes Ben to refer her as Ah Ma, Lizzie. She has been waiting for this day! He, he, he….:-D Anyway, can ask her, which one she prefers, grandma, or ahma, or mama, or popo, or nainai….:-)

  6. Ben growth so fast, he looks like mummy from this angle especially with the dimples. sometimes look like daddy and sometimes look like mummy, anyway Ben is a creature of daddy & mummy, so look like both!

  7. Liz is right..thanks to Grandma. she secretly kept some of Grace & Sam’s baby-wear for Ben. Did this orange outfit belong to Baby Grace or Baby Sam?

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