Doing things himself


Lately, Ben likes to do things himself, he wants to eat himself, wear / take off pants himself, walk up and down staircase /escalator himself, carry things himself, take off shoes himself, do his puzzle himself… help is not welcome, he will get mad if you “help” him without asking him… He’d say “Ben Ben do, Ben Ben do!”

7 Replies to “Doing things himself”

  1. Did you finish all your food, benny? We’re glad you’re well and feeding yourself.
    We’re looking forward to see you do more things.

  2. Elise, we brought Ben to hair saloon yesterday, after seeing I had my hair cut, he still refused to have his cut. He pushed away the saloon auntie’s hand :-p
    Grace, yes and sometimes he will said Ben finished all after he has eaten all. 🙂

  3. I remember Samuel also didn’t like to have hair cut. Screaming and struggling ! No barber could do it. Only either Ee or Bobok would take the risk. Amazingly, they managed to trim his hair within 3 to 5 min!

  4. Mummy has to cut Ben’s hair after he has fallen asleep. Managed to do it last night, 45min to cut the whole head. Will show Ben’s water melon hair style soon. He looks cute 🙂

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