Drink & eat toddler’s way…


Ben learned how to drink with a drinking straw the moment daddy gave him the new drinking cup with straw. 🙂


Ben likes the new cup, hugging it like a teddy :-p


First taste on rice cereal… 😀


Oh, yummy! Ben liked it almost immediately.


Trying to eat up the spoon too :-p


Ben cried for more rice cereal…. 🙂

Lately Ben no longer like to lying down quietly to drink. He likes to move around. He actually does not really like to be put into lying position. He always like to be in on four or doing the rabbit. Daddy decided to get him a cup with drinking straw that he does not need to drink water in lying position anymore 🙂

Daddy initially planned to only let Ben start his cereal after 6 months old as his stomach might not be matured enough for other than milk. Anyhow lately, Ben sometimes refuses to drink from his milk bottle or refuse to finish the milk even though he is hungry. As suggested by Dr. Mary, daddy bought him rice cereal. Rice cereal was chosen over others because it is the least allergic baby food.

Ben now drinks and eats the toddler’s way 🙂

7 Replies to “Drink & eat toddler’s way…”

  1. Come on, daddy, Ben can’t wait till June. Look at him, yum, yum. All this while, he had been wondering what were those guys eating…..
    Now, he got it! He wants more and next, the adult foods. 🙂

  2. Yes, Ben knows how to drink from straw but sometimes he is playful that he will suck out the water and letting out from his mouth and wet his shirt :-p

  3. Yes, Ben is eating at least 7 table spoon of rice cereal now. Sometimes, he asked for more. Maybe daddy will also give him some other baby food soon 🙂

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