Elmo & Big Bird

Ko Ko does not mind Mo Mo pulls his hair. Thumbs up for it! She always likes to pull his hair and wana manja with him.

4 Replies to “Elmo & Big Bird”

  1. Very cute photo set! Want to ask if Benjamin does get jealous of his sister. When she was born does he treat her rough or try to hit her? Asking because now I’m going through that.

  2. It took a while for Ben to learn to be gentle to his baby sister as he was just 2 years old and hardly know how to control his strength. We have to teach him what it means to be gentle and always remind him. Sometimes, he will say this to himself “You must be gentle to mei mei.” 🙂 There were time he purposely being rough to mei mei and he would earn himself an ear-pull or stomach-pinch from daddy or mummy. So far, Ben does not really show much jealousy. Anyway, once in a while, he would like me to choose him over his sister, he will request me to carry him instead of his sister.

  3. well captured. small bird and elmo in action! mo mo clawing and digging at koko’s face.. that’s what 5-month-olds do. couple of cute shots.. like the 3rd row especially where small bird slaps elmo’s face. hahaha!

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