Ergo Baby Carrier

Khorkhor, I have almost everything….except this one which is not available in Malaysia….but wait, don’t buy first, let daddy do some surveys first if the sarong sling is better, maybe not that warm compared to this Ergo Baby Carrier 🙂

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  1. Ok. No problem. Pls let me know in advance so i’ve enough time to shop around. Will be in KL on the 8th to 11th Nov.
    Noticed Singaporean mums like to use sarong. Maybe it’s more comfortable for sleeping and also mummy doesn’t expose herself when breast feeding. 🙂

  2. What a coincidence!! I just came from post office and sent you a package (hint: may contain something like this…), after which I decided to check your web site and noticed this! Great websites and cute baby!! I have used both sarong and this kind of baby carrier and liked them both.

  3. Maybe Mia was referring to Baby Bjorn Active Carrier 🙂 Just checked its website, cool product, again not available in Malaysia (even Singapore), maybe I should be the distributor here 🙂

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