Fallen asleep…

It was 1130pm, Ben has taken his bedtime milk but still refuse to sleep…. Daddy took him out from his baby cot and lied with him on the floor for a while and he finally dozed off himself after about 30min of “playing”.




2 Replies to “Fallen asleep…”

  1. Haha maybe kids like more spacious place to sleep. Is Ben sleep in this position for whole night? Yi He like to sleep like this and I have difficulties to change diaper for her at night. Whenever I turn her to the facing up position she immediately will turn her face down.

  2. Ben changed position from facing down, to facing up to facing left and right and sometimes make a 90 or 180 degree turn :-p One very cute thing is that he will push away your hand or kick the bed if you “disturb” his night sleep 😀

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