Oooh My Hair…….

These pictures shows how difficult to feed Ben Ben. It needs entertainments and tricks and tips to make him eat. Sometimes, he will mess his hair up by touching and rubbing his hair with all the food in handdsc_0197.JPG.dsc_0202.JPGdsc_0210.JPG

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  1. haha Ben I am sure after every meal you need a shower.
    Yi He ok…if food she like she will finish it but want it to be fast. If the food too hot she will have problem to wait for it to be served 🙂

  2. Dear Ben,
    Don’t worry Te Ye has lready bought baby shampoo for you!Ben is like Htet Paing,doesn’t like food and need tricks to make him swallow.

  3. Hi Benny Boy, sorry very long didn’t see your blog. Very busy with our home works!!You must have been very happy to go to Myanmar. Can you speak already? Do you already know my name? I hope the next time you come you can talk. You grow bigger and bigger each time I see you. How is your new house…I mean extended house…? Do you get your own room? Kuku must have made the house very nice for you. Is it very big now? I want to see the pictures of your new house….and also of course you!! Bye!!
    Elise and Rachel
    Ee (Aunty Yean), Uncle Kim Aun
    Oh BTW…love you ben, kuku and auntie Jasmine.

  4. Hi, Lizzie, yes, Ben is growing fast. Now he can eat by himself using a spoon and drink from a cup without spilling. He can pronounce many words and sometimes like a parrot that he will utter words that he hears. Anyway, still some time before he can communicate in words well. Gesture is still his main way of communicating. Our extended house is not ready yet, still doing the renovation. Come and stay with us whenever you are in Penang. Love you too.

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