First meet

Daddy brought Ben to see his baby sister in the evening. Once entering mama’s room, Ben was excited to see mei mei, pua pua was trying to clean his hands first but he could not wait, we had to stop him from touching mei mei. Once we had his hands cleaned, he climbed up to the bed and observing mei mei sucking for milk from near and he laughed 🙂

Just now before he slept, daddy said “Ben Ben was happy today because….” and he answered “because go to see mei mei” 🙂

Above are some shots during Ben and mei mei’s first meet.

3 Replies to “First meet”

  1. can’t believe it… now ben ben has a little sister. how exciting! he is so thrilled and amused by the baby. can’t keep his hand off. touch! touch! what does her hairy head feel like? thanks for posting these new pics and sharing them with us, daddy!
    sorry we couldn’t be there to share the joy and excitement. but we’ll see the real baby during CNY. hope mummy is recovering well too.

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