First School Days

Happy New Year friends & families!!

It has been really long I haven’t updated this blog. Priorities have been holding me away from updating this blog. But, I made an unwavering decision to update it today.   Kudos to myself! 🙂

Last year, 2014 was a testing year with new challenges — Kids’ new schools and mummy’s new job.

Ben Ben started his standard 1 at a Chinese school, while Mo Mo started her first year of nursery in Jan, 2014. Well.. it was a year ago from now. The whole year passed by too fast that before we realized, Ben had to get ready for standard 2 and Mo for KG1!   It’s still like yesterday I had to prepare their uniforms and cover new school books, & get ready with stationeries for their new schools. I just had to do them all over for their new school year 2 weeks ago. I guess another 10 years will also pass by just like that until we realize how tall they will be and how old we will be by then….

Ben has grown much taller and bigger last year due to changes in diet, exercise and taekwondo while Mo has shed her baby weight a lot while she had to adjust to school food and nap time. I wanted to post these “first school days” photos all these while, but only now I could do it.. Hope our good friend from China 🙂 can see their differences in last year and this year. I haven’t taken their photo in uniform this year yet. So it’s coming soon… hopefully…


IMG_8473 IMG_8471 IMG_0051 IMG_0052



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