First Swimming Session

Anniina had her first swim when she turned 1 year, 3 months ago. It’s quite late compared to Ben who had his first at 6 months. We delayed her because she had allergy before. She did enjoy swimming and also was ‘busy body’ with ko ko’s accessories while preparing to swim.

Miss model posing for camera in cute swimming suit from Aunty PY.

Mo Mo: “Give me my goggle”

“Hey that’s mine!”

I am stuck in the doughnut.

Yay! I love it.

Ko Ko getting cheeky in nice swim wear from Samuel.

4 thoughts on “First Swimming Session

  1. Hi Adino, how are you there? Someone bought this float for us from China. You can buy online at this website.
    My friend bought pillows from them, it was ok. but dont buy clothes online. seldom good.

    also found this, but not sure of quality.

    Or we can also give you this float if u want coz we wana use another type for toddler. This is more for baby. It’s still good but the button to blow air is easy to get open up itself. u may super glue it or tape it. If u want, can courier to u.

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