Guess who is this….

KC Junior1 KC Junior2

This is not baby Ben, this is baby KC (junior), Daddy’s good friend in China, and he’s half Chinese, half Malaysian. Welcome baby KC. 🙂 He was born on 22 Aug, 3.1kg.

We are so happy for baby Ben as he will have so many friends (2nd generation friends) whose dad or mum or both are our good friends. They are born and will be born in the same year.

We thank God for friends. May we encourage one another, support one another, share with one another, the joy and the pain of raising up this little jewel that God has blessed us with.

For friends who are still “working hard”, baby Ben welcomes some more friends, work harder, pray harder :-p

Now, Ben has got his very first friends: Baby Daisy (Nicholas), Baby Poh (Lavander), Baby Poh Yong , baby Leow, Baby Esther (Sean) on the way (may be coming today), Baby KC, Baby Kylie & Baby Thiri on the way.. ohhh.. how wonderful… all in this same year and ya,, some more .. Baby Mimi (Bo Bo) who is half Chinese, half Finish and Baby Mia from Finland, Baby Angeliquie from Holland in earlier year. Mum and Dad has plan to take picture of all of them together if there is a chance.. how wonderful would it be?

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