It was 3 years ago this little boy came to us after waiting for 10 months. Now he’s talking with us, walking with us, laughing with us, playing with us. Isn’t that amazing?

We have just successfully, happily, and tiredly 🙂 passed through a difficult stage called – “terrible-two”. Now he’s much more able to understand and communicate compared to what he could at 2 years. Especially he could now understands punishment and reward. He now knows what he will get if he does what. When he was around 2, it was in vain when we taught him or punished him for his mischievousness. He did not know how to associate punishment with his behaviors. He would repeat to do naughty things whatever the punishment was. We really hope he will behave better and more obedient in coming years. Despite his shortcomings, we are grateful that he has done very well in certain things. We should give credit to him for his great achievements by the age of 3. We are very happy for:

1. No more sucking thumb (Thanks to Aunty Esther and great nail polish)

2. Able to take some medicine by himself (no longer need 3 people to hold him and inject :))

3. No more diaper (saves money, more hygienic), wake up himself to potty at night.

4. Able to recognize and read all alphabets and numbers and able to count things, if less than 10 (partly because of Iphone games) and can read sign boards, car plate numbers etc. But cannot spell yet

5. Able to change clothes himself

6. Able to sing about 20 English nursery songs and 4 Burmese songs! It’s amazing that he can pick up Burmese songs and pronounce quite well although he can’t speak the language. 90% is correct

7. Often says please, thank you, excuse me, sorry

8. Let mummy cut his hair

Last but not least, we are very happy that he endures his Mei Mei when she pulls his hair and ears. He never retaliate, but enjoys instead and let her do…

We love you Ben whatever you are… however you are…

We also would like to thank friends and family near and far for all the lovely presents that make him jump with joy!

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