BEN4! Yes, our little man is 4 years old. But he keeps telling “I am Ben5”. We don’t know why he keeps saying this. He really believes he is 5 years old and cannot accept he is 4 🙂  He must have got some ideas from his school.

Anyway, we can’t believe it’s been 4 years! It’s still like a year ago mummy, daddy and grandma drove to Advantist Hospital at 5am in the dark on 13th Sept, 2007 after water bag broke. The contraction started in an hour and slowly became frequent but until noon, he still did not come down so, Dr. Ng decided to vacumme him out at 3pm. And there he was! Our tiny little Benjamin Teh, weighing 3.3kg, came out as purple baby with lots of hair on his back, coated with white natural cream…. Now he is not that tiny anymore. About 15kg heavy, 40 inch tall. But he still cries, talks a lot, asks a lot, giggles a lot, laughs out loud, sings often and gets cranky often. :).

He is now a little young man… There are a lots of things to write diary about him, especially his behavioral changes between 3 & 4 years. He still acts and talks cute although he is still difficult and disobedient at times. Well, at least he never scream and roll on the floor hysterically. Despite his childish acts towards Mei Mei, he loves her so much. He kisses and hugs her and calls her lovingly “Mo Mo”. Sometimes, he acts like a real big brother to her, but sometimes, he is still a small kid who does not want to give in anything. Kid is just a kid and we just cannot expect him to act as a big brother. We just have to lower our expectations while constantly telling him to be brotherly to Mei Mei. He used to say “I don’t want to be big boy, I want to be small boy”, when we tell him that he is already a big boy.

His interest pattern in cartoon, books & toys have changed a lot. He does not enjoy cartoons such as Elmo, Barney or Mickey Mouse any more. His cups of tea now are Charlie & Lola, Pepper Pig, Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther and oh yea, Supa Strikas too.. He now likes to read senior kids’ book such as Meg & Mog etc. He likes comic type books too. He is trying to read word by word by pointing the words and asks us to read the same way. We must read by pointing word by word too. Oh yes, his now writes ABC, 123 and reads simple words due to schooling. He likes to play scrabble and spells simple words himself. He could count in 4 languages as he starts to be multi-lingual. He could now speak more sentences in Mandarin and Burmese. On top of that, we are happy that he really has interest in reading. Thinking to send him to “Smart Reader”. I guess it’s also time to introduce some musical instrument to him.

Toys! He still likes building toys such as Lego and blocks and also animals sometimes, but less interest in puzzles. He is getting more creative making animals, buildings, cars, ships with Lego. He asked for a robot for his birthday but we haven’t bought him yet. We got him a Mickey lunch box instead and he likes it. He is not so much into cars. Oh yes, he likes laundry clips a lot, making animals and objects, and often likes to make cookies with dough. We ban  stuffs which encourage fighting such as gun or fighting cartoons (including Ben10) and he is not crazy about these things. And, fortunately, he never cries for toys when we bring him to toy shop. This is so cute of him.

And suddenly, he becomes so cooperative at Dentist’s place recently… He also enjoys going to the school. During long holidays, he said he wanted to go to school. Sometimes, he asks us to drop him at the school gate and not to send him until the school building. When he sees mummy in the afternoon at school when mummy sends him lunch, he is so cool and never asks to bring him home. Mummy just took video of him taking shower in the school. That was precious shot.
Below are some of his pics taken at 3years, just to see how much he has changed… He was so baby then. I wish he could always be a small boy, but at the same time, I also wish he gets over all these difficult years soonest!


Thank you all for birthday wishes and loves….





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