Happy Birthday Ben6!

It’s been a few months we have not updated this blog. No more excuses! Ben has just turned 6 on 13th Sept. Ben5 has become Ben6. Another 10 years to be sweet 16. I think that’s too long to wait, isn’t it? In fact, 6 years seems to be faster than what we thought it would be. It’s a little too fast to see him in Primary School uniform in one month time. Many changes are going to take place in his life in coming January. He will have to face a little more challenging bigger world, and be more independent in standard 1. Nobody will remind him to drink water or help him clean his pooh at new school. Ben, are you ready? But, I am not ready to let him face this new world. I am actually quite worried that he has to go to this so-called “academic-oriented” type of school. We have no idea yet whether he can cope with sitting in the class for about 6 hours just doing “works” and following instructions, almost no talking. I am also sad that he will have less play time. I still want him to enjoy his childhood without any worry for homework. I believe children should not have stress. Anxieties are on their way… to our head.
Anyhow, before he takes this new challenge in his life, we let him have a little fun. We celebrated his birthday for the first time with a few friends. We are glad that he got this opportunity to celebrate with his 3 friends who were born in same year and another younger one. Well.. in fact, 3 friends have become 7 friends but 2 little ones were not there. As you expect, he was so excited and full of joy at party as you can see in the pictures.

Just a little update about Ben6, he weighs 22 kg and 118 cm tall now. He is tall enough to switch-on almost all the light switches in the house. He recently leant to eat new things such as ham burger, which Mo Mo still refuses to eat. He is very much interested in science and quick in doing Maths. The obvious thing he has improved this year is his reading skill, well.. just in English, not in Mandarin and Bahasa. He made us amazed by reading books that are not so wordy. He still loves book corners everywhere he goes. He is so blessed with many books passed down by his cousins. His interest in Lego is less these days and we can find him playing Meccanos, given by his cousin, Samuel. Ben joined an art class several months ago and still enjoys drawing and making crafts. On top of these, he still has best interest in cooking!! He loves watching cake making shows in Youtube or even Travel & Living or AFC together with mummy. He said he will learn to cook when he is 10. He likes seeing how we prepare food and likes to ask how to cook this and that. When we pound garlic or chili with mortar and pestle, he will run and grasp to pound. He just loves to do this. One good thing about him is he is helpful . And he never asks us to buy toys when we go to toy shops, he would just look at and admire the toys for hours. That’s just one side of our sweet darling Ben.. How about the other side?…. Can’t tell.. Ben and Mo used to say it “secret”…. 🙂


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