13 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Benny!”

  1. happy birthday! benny… don’t think you know what the fuss is all about. you became the birthday boy but sorry, we ate all your cake.
    maybe you’ll understand better next year. here’s wishing you lots of laughter and forever joyful in many more birthdays to come. if possible, do not lose your innocence! ;0)

  2. Hi Ben, wish Grace and Samuel were with us on your birthday. It would be more fun. Merrier. How many presents have you recieved? Did you bring back your Bob the builder? I think maybe you’re still too young to play with Bob.

  3. Ben, take your time to grow. Not in the hurry. Do you know that when you turn 3 I will be fifteen and Elise and Grace will be 13? And Sam will be 9. I wonder how old will you be when you will be able to read all these comments….

  4. We did not really get many photos with Ben smiling during cake cutting time. Most of the time, when we want him to smile, he will not :-p Ben has 2 cakes, cheese cake and strawberries cake, he ate the strawberries cake as it was homemade by Auntie Yean. Yes, Ben is too young to play with Bob but I’m sure he will like Bob. Daddy’s luggage has no place to bring Bob and other toys to Penang. Wish Grace and Samuel were here too. Rachel, time is passing fast, please play with Ben when there is opportunity rather than watching TV all the time. As usual, Elise follows what you do 🙂

  5. I ‘m not interested in small babies.I only like to see them,not play with them.No offense..Yea..that’s me..xD…i’m glad i was born many years ago..so many ppl play wit me…wakaka…LOL….muahahhahha!

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