Waiting for Baby Ben…

This blog is actually built by daddy for baby Benjamin.

It’s still 1 more month for Ben to arrive but daddy and mummy can’t wait any longer…..

Everything is still not ready. Baby room is still empty, painting of baby cot is only 50% done. Windows are not tinted yet. Have not gotten milk bottle sterilizer yet. Have yet finished clearing all the stuffs in the Ben’s wardrobe yet. Mummy’s stomach is still small and still can swim like a fish. Anyway, 3 weeks ago, Dr. Ng said Ben was bigger by 1 week, weighing 2kg at 32nd week. Can’t believe Ben’s that big in this small bump. Tomorrow will be 35th week, baby might come out anytime starting 36th week. Mummy has yet packed the bag to bring to hospital yet :-p

Everyday, mum and dad are busy wondering how Ben will be…. waiting for him to kick or move..

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