Inheriting daddy’s wish list….

Besides bringing so much of joy to us, Benjamin also brings much hope… things that daddy did not accomplish in life, daddy wish Ben will accomplish… Anyway, daddy does not wish it will become a burden / pressure to Ben’s life, it is just a wish… it should be a blessing, not a curse, perhaps it is just something that Ben will get extra attention, opportunity, time, financial investment, guidance, encouragement, etc. from daddy. One of them from daddy’s wish list is to be come a good pianist 🙂 Perhaps, daddy has to start a piano fund so that when Ben is old enough to learn piano, we can buy one for him 🙂

Check this out. This little cute Korean girl by the name of Yoo Ye Eun, was born blind and perhaps was abandoned but was adopted by a kind couple and later discovered her special talent in piano…

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