Ko Ko & Mei Mei

It’s been some time we haven’t updated how Ben has been treating Mei Mei.

In fact, only the first few months was a very hard time for us watching out Ben as he was rough, and sometimes pinched or pulled Mei Mei’s little toes. He’d sometimes burst into baby room when Mei Mei was sleeping, jumped onto the bed and jumped around her. Imagine, how mummy got to tahan this! Once, he even fell down from bed as he jumped too much. He’d cutely say ‘ I want to see Mo Mo’  when he burst into the room. In the first 2 months, Mei Mei was so uniquely difficult to fall asleep long. Ya, she seldom slept for half hour or an hour. She was awake more than asleep during the day. Despite the night feedings, sometimes, mummy got no rest at all the whole afternoon, since she did not sleep even an hour in a stretch. So, imagine, how difficult it was to stand Ben when he woke baby up by bursting into the room or making noise? We really needed to lock the room often when baby was sleeping. I think he was much crankier that time too. I think it could be due to less attention from mummy. It’s really a sad that mummy could not put him to sleep at nights, no more singing nursery rhymes and reading stories, but daddy still reads for him and sing Chinese songs sometimes.

However, things are much much better now. Since 4-5 months, he behaves much better towards Mei Mei and also more affectionate to her. He likes to kiss, hug n say’ I love u Mo Mo’ to her etc, which he didn’t do in early months. He always say “give me, give me, I want to carry her” . We gotta let her sit on his lap.

This pic is blur but we like it.

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