Little Words

Despite his little naughty things, Ben also amuses us with his dance, his singing and his little words when we least expect it. It takes a lot of time to blog his singing voices so we do not know when we can do it. But, I think we should blog as much things as we can so that we can read and enjoy again in future, perhaps when he grows up. Hope he will appreciate what we have blogged about him.

These are some words that made us smile or laugh.

In front of TV, he says ” Daddy, On Korean Movie” (Of course, he demands cartoon too)

When he wants some more food, “some more little bit”, or “Please Ma Ma”

When he does not want to eat certain food, “Too sweet”, “salty” or “hot” or “smelly”

When we try to help him take off his pant, shoes or his toys or correct his singing song, “cannot cannot cannot”

When he sees mummy’s make-up kits, he says what mummy used to tell him “Don’t touch make-up, don’t do that” (Imitating mummy)

When his books or toys get spoilt, “Daddy, repair”

Sometimes he talks to his Teddy Bear, “You naughty, I beat you”

When he coughs, “Ben Ben coughing, eat medicine”

When Daddy is busy and keeps working with PC at nights, he pulls Daddy out from the room and says “See Ma Ma, see Pwar Pwar (Grandma)”

Sometimes, he puts his 2 elephants head-to-head and say “Daddy, Ma Ma kissing” hee heee..

When he wears nice clothes, “Ben Ben handsome” 🙂

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