Making Paus!

Yay!, Daddy has found a new activity for Ben, making dumplings or paus! Daddy and mummy let Ben see and help in making bread, cakes and paus since we got Noxxa Oven with dough kneader, which makes life easy. Daddy usually makes bread and paus while mummy makes cakes. It’s a fun time unless Ben does not listen to our instruction. We have tried assorting beans, meat, kaya etc. inside paus but Ben and Mo Mo prefers plain paus. Plain paus are simply delicious with Pork dish with sweet gravy :*) Recently, Ben created Milo pau, which turned out nice with chocolaty flavor!

We notice that the commercial paus and bread are much whiter due to using beaching chemicals. And many good nutrition are lost due to bleaching. We can also get non-bleached flour at affordable price.

So, it’s time to have fun making nutritious and delicious paus and breads.

Ben busy in the kitchen with Daddy making paus















Here is our paus.











Ben’s Milo Pau, looks pathetic but yummy…










Hot Paus anyone?

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