Meeting the rose among the thorns…


Hi, let’s meet Chloe, she is the rose among the thorns (Nicholas, Sean and Ben) in our church.
Last Sunday, daddy and mummy grabbed the opportunity to have a lunch date for Ben and Chloe (since Sean and Nicholas were having something else :-p)

Hey, Ben, see, Chloe was smiling so sweet…. (Look at Photo1 and Photo2, Ben was “frozen” by Chloe’s smile or worrying the 2 bigger boys will come after him…. :-p)

5 Replies to “Meeting the rose among the thorns…”

  1. No, you’re wrong daddy. He was wondering “why my mummy doesn’t carry me. Look, she is carrying Chloe! Not fair! I want my mummy back!” 😀 That’s a normal reaction of every baby.

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