Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2011

Just a blink, 2010 is ending… Last Christmas, it was still 3 of us and now, it is 4 and Momo is already 10 months old, moving (crawling fast) freely herself  to anywhere she likes. Ben is  a big boy now, tall enough to pee directly into the toilet bowl, standing. Pregnancy was a challenge, giving birth was another (both mama’s privileges) and taking care and raising them is indeed another greater challenge.  Thank God for the grace to see us thru 2010. May His grace continue to shower us,  恩雨 (Grace-Rain) – Momo’s Chinese name (by the way, her English name is Anniina). We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our family members and friends, thanks for everything and sorry for the very busy lifestyle (hopefully it is temporary) that we have now that we are not able to spend more time with you. Truly, 1 is enough (To those who plan to have 2nd baby, think twice!) Anyway, as mama said, tired but happy 🙂  In fact, Mama really sacrificed and endured more than daddy.  Thank God for 2 very important persons too, i.e. pua pua and nenek, without them, life will be extremely hard for us.

We love you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. There are some unsung heroes in our lives; quietly,selflessly and unconditionally love us and sacrifice for us behind the scenes. They are the true heroes. Salute them!

  2. hahaha. ben you call grandma nenek? 😀 we call grandma, grandma. Yea, its true. Grandma has sacrificed a lot for us all, more than you can ever imagine. But I think your daddy forgot to mention about Datuk.-grandpa. Nenek and datuk. Grandpa grandma 🙂

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