Mr. Model with Flowers

Benny thought flowers were his bed of roses. He tried to lean on. All posted by himself like a model boy. Everyone looked at him ‘wow’. He really had fun.


3 Replies to “Mr. Model with Flowers”

  1. hi flower boy! looks like you’re having so much fun. nice bed of flowers and very colourful too. where were these taken? like your short hair, bright shirt and fancy long pants… boyish and playful. great pics!

  2. Taken at Botanical Garden. He was so willing to pose even though he was actually a bit tired after running around 🙂

  3. I thought u had a tail behind your hair! Second look, oh, you don’t have one! Good. This hairstyle match you better. You look good. Oh, also another thing, actually I hope u have a di di.

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