Nikon D40 for Benny


Daddy has been taking tonnes of photos of Benny using the 5-year-old Sony DSC S75. Caught many shots of great moment but the old camera was no good for low light (Daddy did not use flash). Missed many shots too as the shutter speed was too slow…. Finally, mummy encouraged daddy to get a DSLR 🙂

SE-K750 SonyDSCS75

This SE K750 was bought for shooting this. It was RM1900 2 years ago. The Nikon D40 daddy just bought was also of same price :-p
The Sony DSC S75 was RM4000 5 years ago:-p But all the photos captured were priceless 🙂 So, do not hold back and get a good camera today for your loved ones! 🙂

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