Oldest Presents

Sometimes old presents are more precious than new ones as they have sentimental values. Recently, Ben inherited some of Daddy’s 30-year-old (or may be more) childhood stuffs, when Daddy cleared up his old house in his home town. Daddy brought back a box of Legos, cars, stickers, a blanket that he used when young, his old shirt and some of Daddy old photos, that look like him. Yes, these were hidden treasures for the past 30 years. Most of the Legos are still good although some have turned slightly crooked. Cars are still in good shape and some of the doors can be opened up. And the cars were made in France, UK, Hong Kong etc that we can’t find in the market now. BenĀ  loves to use the blanket and wear the old shirt but it’s a little too big for him. He asked for the shirt to wear many times . It tells how much he loves Daddy :*)

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