Potty TrainED


Finally, Ben is potty trainED. Ben has been pooing and peeing in the potty for a month now. Yeah! 🙂
He gets very excited and happy each time he could make it. He claps hands, shouts “good boy” and calls everyone at home to witness, praise him and then he asks for his reward, i.e  Smarties or Kisses 🙂

He was fine with potty from 7 months to about 1 year old. He was even reading book while on potty. But after that, he boycotted potty. A couple of months ago, he was ok with toilet seat for a few weeks. But after that he refused it. This time, potty training is much easier than we thought. I think the “reward” works well. (Mummies, pls share your experience in comment)

Look at this when he was about 10 months.


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  1. Hi. It’s my first time on your blog, and Ben is such a clever boy!

    We haven’t started potty training our 19 month old daughter yet. I feel like such a failed father when I read that you started from 7 months haha.

  2. Hi, Dino. It is not too late to start potty training now, you still have 5 months time if you plan to send Rachel to school as early as 2 yrs old, else you still have much time 😉 Actually we just encouraged Ben at the right time, his own timing – each baby has his/her own timing in everything. Enjoy the fatherhood. 🙂

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