Princess Booty @ 3

At 3, there are a lot of things that we need to record about our little princess such as the way she is. First thing is yes, her cute talks. She has been a chatty girl since she learned how to talk after 1 year. Now her chatting speed has risen and she can talk and ask questions non-stop until I have to beg her not to ask any more questions simply because I have no answer! Her favorite question is “why”. When she reads books or watches movie, she’d ask why this and that for everything that she sees. Sigh…

Since she turned 2, we start to miss her mispronunciations such as (wooky mouse for mickey mouse), pitito for potato, pikiyo for pokoyo as she’s getting them right along the way approaching 3. Now only a few funny words left that still make us smile – Sleeping Booty (beauty), ofa (sofa), lairlow (yellow) and lack (lick) etc. We teasingly call her princess booty or princess ofa because of that. And, she repeatedly still saying lack for lick. All those are cute things that we can’t hear any more sooner or later. Besides her cute talk, she is also the master of self-defense. It’s not that she’s got black belt for Judo. It’s just that she knows how to defend herself by responding by words especially to Ko Ko. When Ko Ko says “Mo Mo you are nuts”, she’d say “I am not nuts, you are nuts” 🙂 It’s not that she knows what nut means. She simply assumes it’s something not good. Yea, she really has very sharp mouth and loud voice that won’t keep her passive for any bullies… That’s my girl!

Another thing is that she is crazy about pink color! Every little new thing with pink color, she will hold and treasure it for at least a day or days. Sometimes it could be just a flower or a cup or a bowl. Once she wake up from nap, she will look for it. Besides color, her favorite story now are 3 little pigs, little red riding hood and Goldilocks. Sometimes, she ask me to tell her 3 little pic story 3 times in a day. Sometimes, she ask me to listen to her story. Ya, she really like to tell stories be it real ones or her own creations. She has the talent of  and creating own stories by mixing a few stories that she knows and also making up her own songs with her own words. She usually sings songs when sitting on toilet.

Thinking about all those cute little things, I just realized that I am not ready yet to see her grow up fast. We haven’t got enough pictures and videos of her singing and dancing and telling stories.

Although she is potty and toilet trained, I still do not want to train her to go to toilet at night when she sleeps. I still want her to be baby. I still like doing baby things for her. I still let her enjoy her milk bottle although she can use the cup well. There are many things I want her to be baby-like.. Don’t grow so fast my baby…

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