Riding on caterpillar :-)



Daddy has yet gotten Benny his own car to ride on… pity the little caterpillar :-p

1st row, Photo4-Riding YiHee’s car

2nd row, Photo1-Riding cousin’s bike

2nd row, Photo2-Riding supermarket’s trolley car

2nd row, Photo3-Riding friend’s car

2nd row, Photo4-Riding Rachel’s car

When am I going to get me one?? :-p

4 Replies to “Riding on caterpillar :-)”

  1. Get him a tricycle or a bicycle with training wheels. Afterall, it’s about time to expose him the fun of bicycle riding. Samuel now is crazy of
    riding swaveboard!

  2. Hey Khin, you can go to one of the street in town (need to check the name with HP). The sell wholesale price and much cheaper than super market. I just got Yi He a tricycle which some safety parts for younger child can be removed and let her use till 6 yrs old.

  3. Samuel and Grace are now promoted to be uncle and aunty following the arrival of cousin Yin’s baby, Koray. He is two year younger than you. Weigh 3.8kg! Ask mummy and daddy, when are you gonna have a mei mei or di di. Then, you can become big ko ko. 🙂

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