Rushing for school…

Ben was running around in his school uniform, getting ready to go to school. He likes to go to school.
He cried during the first week at school as daddy left him behind. Anyway, since 2nd week, he no longer cry and he will tell us, “Ben Ben no cry” after coming back from school.
Ben had some cough and running noise probably from school but he had learned to drink medicine himself. Before this, we need 3 person to get him to drink any medicine. He has grown up. Anyway, he is still struggling to stop sucking his thumb 🙂

2 Replies to “Rushing for school…”

  1. School is fun, isnt it, benny? 🙂 glad that you like it! You surely looked good in that uniform! Do you kiss annie good bye every morning? She surely miss you! 🙂

  2. Annie still sleeps when Ben leaves for school. And he is forbidden from kissing her these days as he is coughing. However, he tried to kiss her and smell her hair at least or go near her & look at her smiling and calling “Mei Mei”. He sure has interest in her. Sometimes he kisses, sometimes, he pinches.. ha ha ha

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