Short Hair


Hi, Elise, I cut my hair as per your request 🙂 Do you like it?

Sam, do I look like you or daddy?

Ma Ma tied my hair up like this before coz my hair was always sweaty. People asked whether I was girl or boy :*) . Now I’m a real BOY like you!


2 thoughts on “Short Hair

  1. look so much cuter and cleaner 😀 I heard you creied when you go for haircut.Your dad also did the same thing..for many many years.Everytime go for haircut, he’ll cry.Now you’re so much better looking.Boys must have boys look and action.

  2. Ayo, Benny, what happen to your hair ? Which barber cut for you?
    Let me scold him. He trimmed it too thinly. Top is too thick. My poor boy. Anyway, now, can see your face better. Next time, must tell the barber, don’t want botak like that. Just cut it short and layer. Spray some water in front, and make it spiky. Done.

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