Sleeping with daddy

sleeping with daddy

Sometimes, Ben could not fell asleep by himself in his own babycot, but strangely, he will fall asleep if he is put next to daddy. Thanks mummy for the nice shot 🙂

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  1. Haha how about if putting next to mummy?

    YiHe need to to switch to the yellow light, play the music and create the sleeping time emvironment. As long as the environment is there whether she is sleepy or not sleepy she will roll over the bed for a short while and fall asleep 🙂

  2. So, Yi He is easy to sleep. Ben also need light-off , drink milk, roll roll and fall asleep at night. But day time, he still likes us to carry a while and fall sleep on my shoulder. He sleeps next to mummy these days in early morning after morning feed. But mummy woke up worrying he’d fall down from bed.

  3. It is dangerous to put Ben sleep on the bed alone unless the matress on the floor. Yi He sleep on a queen size matress on the floor since she can crawl else she will fall from the bed because during the sleeping time she also roll all over the bed. We try to put her to sleep alone so that she can be more indepandant haha 🙂

  4. Ben always sleeps in his own Baby Cot. Only in the morning, sometimes, he would sleep with daddy or mummy on adult bed for a short extra nap. But we put chairs and bolsters to guard him from falling at the side of the bed. But only at the end of the Bed, there is no guard that mummy worry about. it’s good to make them independent, but same time, I wana sleep with him n cuddle.

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