Standing in Shower




Ben Ben at 11 month now has a few progresses.

1. Stand up himself at shower time, but not other time. He hasn’t got enough confidence that he can stand.

2. Can speak Ma Ma, Dad Dad, Mum Mum, Nair Nair, Milk Milk, Flower, Good, and Taut-Tair (Gecko in Burmese), which he repeatedly say the most. He calls Dad Dad in different cute tones.

3. He can show where the ear, nose and tongue is. Whenever he eats non-food things he simply picks & eat, we can ask him to show his tongue and he would take out his tongue to show us.

4. Can ask him to find some of his toys and give to us such as Puteh (his Teddy), Spoon, Dog, Mickey etc.

And he likes to feed his food to us which is wonderful. Daddy and Mummy don’t want him to be stingy with his food and toys with others, try to teach him the value of “sharing”.

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  1. 5. Benjamin is very good any opening all kind of boxes or containers. He also knows to pick the right size items to put inside them.

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