Standing up…





At 5th month, Ben could be on four and very soon, he could sit up by himself and now he wants to be on two 🙂 He uses his strong hands to pull and legs to push his body up. Then his hands will hold him at the standing position. Anyway, he is yet good at balancing 🙂

It is fun to see Ben turning over, to see on his four, to see him crawling here and there, to see him using his hands to grab on something (and then very naturally put into his mouth), to see him sitting up and to see him trying to stand now. Anyway, with all these skills, we have to watch him carefully at all time 🙂 Daddy has adjusted the playpen, so that Ben will not drop out :-p

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  1. 😀 😀 :-D. by 5th mth, you crawl, 6th mth, you stand up. I think by
    9 th mth, you will walk! , 10th mth , run! Then, what else can you do after that? Btw, can you speak just yet? 🙂

  2. take immediate action! don’t put him in the play pen anymore unless able to lower it down. the top bar should be above his chest.if he topples down,which happens to most toddlers,it can cause serious injury… says..

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