Sucking thumb


The “scar” on Ben’s thumb tells how much Ben Ben likes to suck his thumb. He will do so whenever he is sleepy. He does not like pacifier. A same trait that Ben shares with his cousin sister, Grace 🙂

3 Replies to “Sucking thumb”

  1. Oh, no! It’s very addictive! Grace is still doing it while sleeping. It can affect the alignhment of their front tooth. It’s getting very expensive to do the correction!

  2. But what to do, he is Grace’s cousin :-p Anyway, my dentist said it is better than pacifier. Will slowly stop him. Tried to pull out his thumb while sleeping but sometimes he holds it so tight :-S

  3. Make sure his hand is cleaned. Now, HFMD n other virus are widely spreaded everywhere. Daddy, mummy, or nanny, anybody has close contact with him must practise higher level of personal hygiene.

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