Trip to Myanmar

After 2 years, Ben got another chance to meet his cousins from mummy’s side in Myanmar. We wanted to see how he’d react when he met his cousins, but unfortunately he dozed off when we met them at airport. Anyway, once he woke up, we could see his smiles, playing with them immediately. On the same day, he asked “where is my best friend?” referring to his cousin Ko Ko. And, they clicked well despite being apart for 2 years. Within 2 weeks time, Ben got so much attached to his cousin sister until he cling on her at airport when we had to depart. His cousin sister Ma Ma Yu also cried on the way back from airport too… what a sad… She played a mummy’s role by putting him to sleep in afternoons and feeding him as well.. So no wonder, they were so attached.

We also had real fun at the zoo as Ben got a chance to feed animals. Daddy wanted to go to zoo another time but Ben did not insist. Here are some pictures of good memory. We do hope we can make another trip soon..

Feeding sugar cane to Elephant

Feeding Banana to Giraffe.

At the airport, before departure, he did not want to come down from Ma Ma Yu.

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