Trip to Singapore

Ben Ben just made a second oversea trip to Singapore. He dozed off in the aeroplance both ways, so daddy & mummy had a peace throughout the flights. Before he dozed off, he enjoyed sitting his own seat reading books and then dozed off sitting upright, belted, and masked.

He had so much fun with his counsins.

Starred Photos
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Finally, he had lots of fun in the zoo…. We started the zoo tour at 9am and by 2pm, when we had covered almost all the animals, he dozed off, just at the right timing. He was excited to see animals and was shouting “Lion, Tiger, Hippo.. etc.”
After we have come back home in Penang, he said, “Ben Ben see so many animals, lion, tiger, bear….”


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He dared to touch the real baby crocodile. May be he thought it’s a toy.


He crawled like tortise when he saw the tortise.



7 Replies to “Trip to Singapore”

  1. Samuel!! youre so big already..somemore knw hw to take care of ben. :DD..grace! i can see your braces 😉 ben,glad yu had a good time in spore.

  2. wow! lots of nice pics. looks like ben had loads of fun in s’pore. from the top… did he get annoyed with his face mask and try to pull it off? samuel has grown much taller (yay!) and grace has braces!! sam looks good in blue and grace looks sweet in pink. didn’t know ben has so many girl cousins in s’pore?? i like the way he sits on the piano stool.. looks cute as a button from behind. nice bright yellow hawaiian shirt.. love it too. wow, ben touched the baby croc (scary!)… great family pose with elephants in the background. now ben can go to sleep and dream of all the animals in the zoo. which was his favourite?

  3. auntie jasmine you look so nice.are you sure you’re pregnant…yeah..bretch kuku,youre right.he does look cute from behind on the piano seat. ^^

  4. Thanks dears. ha ha, u all are so sweet. My belly is still small.
    In a few years time, 6 of you can play together. let’s wait for the 6th one.

    When we just asked Ben what his favorite animal was, he said ‘elephant’. He still talks about the zoo. He said ” Ben Ben go Singapore zoo, daddy, mummy, pwar pwar, T The….”

    Good thing is he doesn’t mind the mask, he wears it in super market too.

  5. We’re glad that you had a great time at the zoo. We would love to be there with you. But, it was a Sunday morning. We went to the church. Perhaps, your next trip, we’ll go with you to the Bird Park. You will love to see the penguins, owls and eagles!

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