Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ben surprised us by singing the whole song for the first time 2 days ago. Here is the recording done yesterday 🙂 He pronounced Y for L 😀

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  1. whoa.ben you can complete a song.congrats.what about learning another one? how bout “jesus loves me”? can finish a song. 🙂 well done,ben.

  2. ben in one month’s time,you’re gonna be 2.wanna wish u happy birthday in advance.what do you want for you present? : D are you going to celebrate your birthday?bretch kuku’s comin’ ta see you soon…

  3. well done! ben. you sound good. only 1 little part needs a bit more practice… “like a diamond in the sky”. but i’m sure you’ll manage that in time to come. great job! keep on singing ;0)

  4. I thought “Happy Birthday” was your debut. Grace said you sounded like a chirping bird, turning volume high and low. Ha, ha, ha, you set your own pp an ff! Can you sing the Elmo “Good Night Song”?

  5. We were surprised that he sang twinkle twinkle instead of other songs (ba ba black sheep, mary had a little lamb, row row your boat or elmo song) which we sang for him (sometimes he requested) more often.

  6. Bravo! Bravo! Ben. You can take part in the One Minute of Fame, or Malaysian Idol, or Penang Got Talent! So I can see you on TV!

  7. Your 2nd birthday is coming very soon, Ben. Wishing you a very blessed birthday. God bless you and favor you. Are you gonna to have a chocoyet or cotenut cake for your birthday?

  8. Thanks. May be butter cake. hee hee. When we bought butter in super market and put it together with Ben in trolley, he opened it up and dug and ate it inside trolley ha ha..

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