We like to pooh together :)

Mo Mo often follows what Ko Ko does, from good to bad, naughty to cute. This is one of the good things she picked up from Ko Ko – pooh n wee in potty. Yeah..since last month, she has started to tell “ee” or “shoe shoe” before it comes out. She still misses some of the times but most of the time, she tells beforehand so that we can immediately let her sit down on potty. Once done, she’d jump up to see her achievement in the potty with a big smile as we claps our hands. She says “I want ee, sit pot”. It has slowly become ritual to sit on potty and do her business when she wakes up from naps. She could do it mostly. Sometimes, 2 of them pooh together like this coincidentally. Sometimes, she fights for potty or takes away potty from Ko Ko when he needs, putting Ko Ko in trouble.. ha ha naughty gal. One funny thing is that they like to see each other’s pooh.. yak yak!

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