Personally, I prefer children to play outdoor rather than indoor with toys or ipad or watching cartoon. I believe sunshine, fresh air, exercise and the right diet are the best recipe for their health. We try our best to take them out to park or beach or any place to run around on weekends or even weekday evenings. When we don’t have time to go out, at least we take them around the neighborhood to play with cats or feed bread to birds or hide & seek or just to pluck chillies from grandma’s garden. Sometimes, they play with sands near the garden too. I don’t know why Ben & Mo like to play with sand so much. Anyway, we had some kittens some time ago until the management of our apartment sent them away for some reasons 🙁 It was just a few months Ben & Mo got to enjoy playing with 6 kittens every weekends or evenings. They enjoyed stroking them, play fishing with them, running around with them etc. In a way, those kittens really resembles Ben & Mo because in a minute you can see them cuddling and the next minute they will be wrestling!
How I wish our kids can climb the trees and make houses on the hills like we did when we were young. If only we could go back then..

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