Who is this baby?

who is this baby?

Found an old photo. This baby is chubby chubby, round round and little hair like baby Ben :-p Is this Auntie Sonia? (…and who is this Ah Ee?)

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  1. It’s Albretch! The lady who carried him was ma’s helper. I can’t remember her name. Where did you get this photograph? Grace is doing an assignment on old photographs(b/w) and recollect the memories under the project of the School Family Education. We should do a scrapbook on our family album. We need to get hold of those old photographs and albums in our Kuala Krai house.

  2. no. this pic is actually ben but shot in b&w for classic effect. they even got an aunty, dressed in cheongsam like in olden days, to pose for this photoshoot. ben, u look so cute!!

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